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AOHWV, an acronym for Atomic Orbital Hydrogen Wave Vector, is the dedicated Identity Practice of RedLegg. We strive to go beyond the ordinary, aiming to be intriguing and impactful in everything we do. We firmly believe that identity practice deserves its own identity and brand, accompanied by a dedicated & robust team. With a vendor-agnostic approach and expertise in various technologies, our focus is on enhancing security posture that creates an impact. Our ultimate objective encompasses strategy, architecture, security, and all the crucial aspects that fall in between. Because for us, making a meaningful difference is what truly matters in our work.

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Atomic Orbital Hydrogen Wave Vector


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We are incredibly fortunate to be where we are today, driven by a purpose that has deep roots in our family history. Growing up, our family cherished the tradition of the Hees Family Foundation. Every family reunion was not just an opportunity to play music together but also a time to discuss the impactful initiatives happening in our community. We actively participated by voting alongside our dedicated board members to determine the recipients of our annual donations. This same spirit is what we bring to AOHWV, but with even greater intent. Rather than treating community engagement as an afterthought, we integrate it into the very core of our company. One of the simplest and most rewarding ways we do this is by dedicating a percentage of each order's profit to the causes we hold dear.


Yearly, we have the privilege of choosing special projects, all made possible by the incredible individuals who support our business. They not only pay our bills but also infuse our company with the vibrancy and enthusiasm that makes it truly function. Together, we are not just building a business; we are crafting a community, and it's thanks to these shared efforts that our company thrives.

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