Case Study: 03

AOH Streamlines Sales Team Onboarding/Off-boarding and HR Data Match through Salesforce Integration into Omada IGA

This case study examines the challenges faced by a well-known financial company in efficiently onboarding and off-boarding sales personnel while ensuring timely access to critical resources. The company sought AOH services to improve their Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) procedures.


The financial company encountered significant obstacles in the onboarding and offboarding processes for their sales teams. The lack of a streamlined approach resulted in delays and productivity losses. Additionally, granting sales personnel access to essential resources, especially within Salesforce, proved to be cumbersome and time-consuming. These challenges negatively impacted the company's overall efficiency and administrative efforts.


Moreover, the company struggled to synchronize HR data with appropriate user identities, leading to data discrepancies and security vulnerabilities. The inability to link employees accurately to their respective roles and permissions heightened concerns about unauthorized access and potential data breaches.


The financial company's main aims were:


  1. Ensuring a fast and smooth process for onboarding and off-boarding sales teams, including granting them immediate access to Salesforce and other vital resources. This would result in increased team productivity and reduced administrative burdens.
  2. The client aimed to integrate their HR data seamlessly with Omada IGA to ensure accurate and consistent user provisioning, access management, and role assignment. Achieving a reliable HR data match would enhance security and compliance efforts.


In order to satisfy the financial company's unique needs, AOH presented a comprehensive solution that included unique connections and specially designed implementations. The following were the tailored solution AOH presented:


  1. Custom Connections: AOH's team of experts thoroughly assessed the client's existing systems, including Salesforce and Omada IGA. They designed custom connections that facilitated smooth data flow between the two applications, ensuring real-time synchronization of user-related information.
  2. Streamlined Onboarding/Off-boarding: AOH implemented automated onboarding and off-boarding processes for sales teams, which integrated seamlessly with the Salesforce application and Omada IGA.
  3. HR Data Integration: The IT experts at AOH devised a solution to integrate HR data directly into Omada IGA. This integration enabled accurate matching of user attributes with HR records, eliminating data discrepancies and minimizing the risk of access-related errors.


The implementation of the Salesforce integration into Omada IGA was conducted meticulously by AOH's team. Through the integration of the Salesforce application into Omada IGA, AOH effectively helped the financial firm achieve their goals of expediting the onboarding/off-boarding of the sales staff and the HR data match. AOH developed a strong and effective solution that improved user management, security, and compliance efforts by incorporating bespoke connections and automation. 


This case study demonstrates AOH's dedication to providing specialized and cutting-edge solutions to address the particular requirements of its client.


A representative from the financial company stated: 


"We're really thrilled with the progress we've made! AOH has been fantastic in helping us integrate our Salesforce application into Omada IGA. Their expertise and commitment have completely transformed how we manage our users. The onboarding and off-boarding of our sales teams are now so much smoother, and it's made a big difference in our team's productivity. And, thanks to their work on the HR data match, we've got rid of those annoying discrepancies and improved our overall security measures. Thank you so much!"