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For new customers that may have just bought an identity product and in initial phases to define the implementation strategy and design as well as implement with Life Cycle Management.  Also meant for existing customers who would like to revisit or review implementation strategy, design & runbook.

  • Reviewing business requirements, existing processes, compliance posture, infrastructure & application landscape
  • Define a high-level strategy to design & implement IGA or IAM
  • Bring in the identity source
  • Define JML rules
  • Reconcile & provision access to applications
  • Define access requests and risk-based approvals
  • Reports and dashboards
  • User access reviews
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Staff augmentation services play an important role in supporting and enhancing the implementation and management of Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA).  By leveraging staff augmentation services organizations can enhance capabilities, leverage specialized identity expertise, and ensure effective implementation of identity access management practice.

  • Skilled professionals who specialize in identity technologies and practices. 
  • Configuration of identity solution ensuring properly integrated with existing systems and aligned with organizational requirements
  • Resource flexibility. Scale identity teams based on needs providing resources on demand ensuring there is enough skilled professionals to handle the current workflow
  • Expertise & knowledge transfer
  • Reconcile & provision access to applications
  • Operational support
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Simplify Your HR Data Management with AOHWV HR Automation Service via IGA Lite

Are you tired of juggling duplicate or inaccurate employee data across multiple HR systems and Microsoft Active Directory? Say goodbye to the hassle with AOHWV's HR Automation Service – the ultimate solution for seamless HR automation. Let's dive into how this cutting-edge service can elevate your HR data management game.

Effortless Data Synchronization:

In today's digital landscape, employee data can often end up scattered across different systems, including your HR platform and Active Directory. AOHWV's IGA Lite steps in to eliminate the chaos. By automating the synchronization process, it ensures that your Active Directory is always up-to-date. No more manual notifications or data delivery struggles!

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Syncs Active Directory with Any HR Platform: AOHWV IGA Lite effortlessly updates your Active Directory with HR platform changes, ensuring seamless integration with all your applications.
  • Streamlined Termination Process: Forget the headache of deactivating employee accounts when they leave. IGA Lite handles it automatically, bolstering your system's security and streamlining your HR processes.
  • No More Duplicate Data: Maintain your official employee records in your HR system while effortlessly pushing data to Active Directory. This eliminates the hassle of managing two separate data repositories and ensures data integrity
  • Boosted Efficiency: Say goodbye to manual data entry into Active Directory. IGA Lite operates as a scheduled service, freeing up your IT staff's valuable time to focus on core tasks.
  • Expert Managed Service: Our dedicated team, comprising architects, developers, and engineers, is here to deploy the SCIEM connector and cater to your environment's unique needs.

AOHWV HR Automation Service is your ticket to a more efficient, streamlined, and secure HR data management process. Say hello to simplicity and wave goodbye to data duplication. Let us handle the technicalities while you focus on what truly matters – your core activities. Elevate your HR automation game with AOHWV today!

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