Case Number: 01

Upon understanding the client's objectives and challenges, AOH Company devised a tailored IAM architecture, strategy, and design to meet their unique requirements.

Client Background: 

Global manufacturing company that had multiple client acquisitions resulting in 4 separate identity sources.  Lack of control & visibility for local site owners leading to permission mismatches


Objectives:  Global visibility & local management

Solutions:  Custom IAM architecture, strategy & design including custom import export scripts

Testimonials: Helped with consistent login experience, strong secondary authentication and single sign-on!

Achieving Global Identity and Access Management (IAM) Excellence for a Multi-Acquired Manufacturing Company


This case study highlights how AOH Company, a leading identity and access management (IAM) service provider, successfully addressed the challenges faced by a prominent global manufacturing client. The client sought AOH's services to improve their identity management processes. The case study outlines the challenges faced by the client, the solutions implemented by AOH, and the positive outcomes achieved through their collaborative efforts.


The client approached AOH Company with two primary objectives:


  1. Global Visibility: The client aimed to have a comprehensive view of identity and access management across all their sites, regardless of geographical location.
  2. Local Management: The client wanted to empower local site owners with better control and autonomy over their respective identity and access management processes.


The client's acquisition-driven growth led to the accumulation of four disparate identity sources. Consequently, the lack of centralized control and visibility hindered the company's ability to efficiently manage user identities and permissions across their sites. Local site owners struggled to maintain consistency in user access, leading to frequent permission mismatches and potential security vulnerabilities.


Upon understanding the client's objectives and challenges, AOH Company devised a tailored IAM architecture, strategy, and design to meet their unique requirements.


  1. Custom IAM Architecture: AOH Company developed a customized IAM architecture that could seamlessly integrate the four separate identity sources into a unified system. This approach allowed the client to have a consolidated view of user identities and access rights across their entire organization.
  2. Strategy and Design: AOH Company formulated a comprehensive strategy and design for the IAM implementation. This involved conducting thorough assessments of the client's existing systems, identifying potential areas of improvement, and devising a phased implementation plan to minimize disruptions.
  3. Custom Import-Export Scripts: To facilitate the integration of the diverse identity sources, AOH created custom import-export scripts. These scripts streamlined the data migration process, ensuring a smooth transition of user data from the existing sources to the new IAM system.


The collaborative efforts of the client and AOH Company resulted in several significant outcomes:


  1. Consistent Login Experience: With the implementation of the custom IAM architecture, users across all sites experienced a consistent and seamless login experience. This streamlined authentication process enhanced user satisfaction and productivity.
  2. Strong Secondary Authentication: The new IAM system introduced robust secondary authentication measures, bolstering the security posture of the client's organization. This additional layer of protection mitigated the risk of unauthorized access and potential data breaches.
  3. Single Sign-On (SSO): AOH Company successfully implemented a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution, simplifying the login process for users across the client's various platforms and applications. This not only enhanced user convenience but also reduced the burden on IT support teams.


The partnership between the global manufacturing client and AOH Company exemplifies the successful implementation of IAM solutions to achieve global visibility and local management. By leveraging a custom IAM architecture, strategy, and design, the client overcame the challenges posed by multiple identity sources, ensuring streamlined access management and enhanced security. The consistent login experience, strong secondary authentication, and SSO implementation delivered by AOH Company resulted in a more efficient and secure identity and access management ecosystem for the client, positively impacting their overall user experience and organizational performance.

Client Testimonial:

"Our partnership with AOH has been transformative. They addressed our complex IAM challenges with professionalism and expertise, providing us with a cohesive and secure identity management solution. Their custom IAM architecture and strategies have not only improved our global visibility but also empowered our local site owners with better access control. We are delighted with the consistent login experience and single sign-on implementation, streamlining our daily operations. We highly recommend AOH for any organization seeking a top-notch IAM solution."