Friday Challenge Vault

Q: Which of the following Windows 10 Enterprise features provides biometric identity access control?

Q: What does IGA stand for?

Q: What is Authentication?

Q: Which of below is true about a qubit?

Q: Which of below is not a component of IGA?

Q: How do you handle MFA for service accounts?

Q: What is true of Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM)?

Q: Which is not a principle of Zero Trust?

Q: What is MFA bombing?

Q: Which is not a valid access control model?

Q: What does ITDR stand for?

Q: Which of below is NOT something a user would provide to prove their identity?

Q: What is FedRamp?

Q: What is TOGAF?

Q: SwiftSlicer a data wiping malware was recently deployed using what?

Q: Which of the following types of access control uses fences, security policies, and security awareness training to stop unwanted or unauthorized activity from occurring?

Q: If you ask Microsoft’s Bing AI Chatbox > 15 questions what could happen?

Q: What is the primary purpose of Kerberos?

Q: In conflict what is best?

Q: What of below did MIT Technology include in the list of 10 Breakthrough technologies of 2023?

Q: What is the best way to manage access policies?

Q: Should you be skeptical about automating certificates?

Q: Which of below are potential challenges for service accounts?

Q: What is the core of security?

Q: What is the default RDP port?

Q: What is the purpose of Privileged Access Management (PAM)?

Q: Active Directory & Azure AD correctly setup automated monitoring for privileged escalation & privileged access management helps

Q: Which of below are potential attacks, tools or exposures against Active Directory?

Q: What is a benefit of JIT (Just in Time) or JEA (Just Enough Access)?

Q: In Linux file permissions what action does the letter “r” allow?

Q: What technology enables users to access multiple applications and systems with a single set of login credentials?

Q: Where does the term “scrum” originate from?

Q: What is SCIM?

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