Case Study: 04

AOH Streamlines Privileged Access Management for an Enterprise-Level Financial Company

This case study examines how AOH, a leading provider of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions, played a pivotal role in empowering an esteemed enterprise-level financial company's security infrastructure to face modern-day challenges effectively. The financial company had been using Delinea PAM's off-premise solution for managing privileged accounts. However, with the ever-increasing cybersecurity threats and a focus on strengthening their security posture, the client decided to shift from an off-premise setup to an on-premise solution. This case study highlights the successful transition and addresses the challenges faced during the migration.

Challenges Faced:

  1. Transition Complexity: Migrating from an off-premise to an on-premise PAM solution posed significant technical challenges. The client required a seamless installation and setup process to ensure a smooth and efficient transfer of their existing privileged access data to the new infrastructure.
  2. Service Account Discovery: Managing service accounts in an enterprise environment can be prone to errors. The company needed to implement a reliable service account discovery solution to identify and secure these critical accounts, mitigating potential security vulnerabilities.
  3. Custom Reporting Needs: The financial company sought customized reporting capabilities to gain granular insights into privileged access activities. Meeting their specific reporting requirements demanded tailored solutions to track and analyze security events effectively.


The financial company had three main objectives in mind:


  1. New Installation & Setup: The client sought a seamless and efficient installation process for the on-premise Delinea PAM solution. They wanted to ensure that the new setup was configured accurately and aligned with their stringent security policies.
  2. Service Account Discovery: The client needed to identify all existing service accounts within their IT infrastructure. By conducting comprehensive service account discovery, they aimed to gain a comprehensive overview of privileged accounts and streamline their management.
  3. Custom Reporting: The financial company needed custom reporting capabilities to monitor privileged account activities effectively. The ability to generate detailed reports would empower them to identify potential security threats promptly and proactively respond to any unusual behavior.

Solution Implemented:

AOH's skilled experts closely collaborated with the financial company's IT team to seamlessly install the on-premise Delinea PAM solution, meeting specific security requirements. Leveraging advanced tools, AOH conducted a thorough audit to discover all existing service accounts, creating a comprehensive inventory for efficient privileged account management. Additionally, AOH integrated custom reporting functionalities, enabling in-depth insights into privileged account activities and user behaviors, empowering the financial company to monitor and respond promptly to potential security incidents.

Results and Testimonials:                                                                   

AOH executed the project with utmost dedication and efficiency. The migration from off-premise to on-premise Delinea PAM was completed seamlessly within a remarkable three weeks. This quick turnaround minimized disruption to the financial company's operations during the migration process.


According to the company’s representative, "We are making so much progress! AOH's expertise and assistance in transitioning our privileged access management have been phenomenal. AOH has been an exceptional partner throughout the project, and we truly appreciate their commitment to delivering top-notch results."


The seamless transition, efficient service account discovery, and custom reporting capabilities have significantly fortified the client's cybersecurity posture. The collaboration with AOH has empowered the financial company to respond effectively to evolving threats and maintain a strong security stance, reaffirming their position as a leading organization in the financial sector.