Professional Services

Professional Services for PAM,

Staff augmentation services play an important role in supporting and enhancing the implementation and management of Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA).  By leveraging staff augmentation services organizations can enhance capabilities, leverage specialized identity expertise, and ensure effective implementation of identity access management practice.

  • Review business requirements, existing processes,  compliance posture, infrastructure & application  landscape.
  • Define high level strategy to design & implement  IGA or IAM.
  • Advice on best practices 
  • Bring in Identity Feed
  • Define JML rules
  • Reconcile & Provision access for 5 applications
  • Define Access Request & Risk Based Approvals
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • User Access Reviews



Summary Report on Kick off Activities

Assessment document documenting current state of existing licenses, applications & current integration approach (focusing on identity and access) with target applications

Document that outlines all requirements

  • Document key business & technical requirements
  • Document desired architecture
  • Application Integrations

Functional test tenant for 5 applications

  • Runbook that covers production development activities
  • Educational Workshop on the following top areas
    • Understanding scenarios
    • Understanding advanced scenario service Reviewing run book installation

Initiate team formation and communicate expectations

Assign project initiation responsibilities to accountable parties and establish target completion dates

Access existing environment

Access systems

Quantify & define all applications

  • Employee On/Off Boarding
  • Categorize requirements where each can make user of functional categories
  • Policies
  • Identity Analytics (User, Device Access Usage, Resource)

High level test cases

    Document High Level Use Case

    Create High Level future/end state system architecture design

    Client Sign Off for High Level future / end state system architecture design

Build a separate tenant

Provision test accounts

Configure integrations for the application

Configure MFA for hardware token

Execute use cases


Configure applications integrations

Final Test

Client Sign Off

Deploy security policies

Identity Access Management
Health Check

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